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- Session 1 : Learn how to gain money, how to invest, choose type of business you want

- Session 2 : Learn how to find product for your business (country, market....etc)

- Session 3 : Learn how to create a website for your business (A - Z)

- Session 4 : Learn how to create an App for your business (A - Z)

- Session 5 : Learn how to make ads on social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktok, instagram...) "marketing"

- Session 6 : Learn how to create a bank account for your business (to pay your website and your business charges and to receive payments) and learn how to choose a payment method

- Session 7 : Learn how to growth your business (externalise your business)

- Session 8 : Learn how to choose your website domain and your domain hosting (plan)

- Session 9 : Launch your business

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